Consilience Productions
R.I.P. Bobby Hutcherson
Which bands have told Trump to stop playing their music?
Pretty incredible footage of a young Pavarotti from 1964.
Where Skateboard Doggies meet Jazz!
Ornette Coleman has left us.
R.I.P. B.B. King
Final Ruling for Air Travel With Musical Instruments.
Karen Carpenter all alone.
On Christmas, Bachfest is Best!
School Finds Music Is the Food of Learning
John Steinbeck on Eddie Condon.
R.I.P. Charlie Haden
Not Over Till Overtime's Due? Met Labor Strife Bares Secrets
Nicholas Payton and Black American Music.
Brain scans of jazz musicians unveil language and music similarities.
New York Jazz scene circa 1990's.
R.I.P. Yusef Lateef.
R.I.P. Jim Hall
Are Spotify and Pandora evil?
Amazing footage in 1928 of young drummer in New Orleans...
Lou Reed, R.I.P.
Behold the brutal honesty of Albert "Tootie" Heath's Downbeat Blindfold Test.
A Sound, Then Silence (Try Not to Breathe).
Miley Cyrus twerks, gets freaky with Robin Thicke...
Mystery Grandma Stuns Drum Shop Staff with Killer Skin-Slapping Skills.
Think Music Heals? Trombone Player Begs To Differ.
Music in Istanbul Is Intermission for a Protest.
Forget vinyl... now we have music on WOOD!
R.I.P. Mulgrew Miller.
Live Streaming is here to stay.
Sonny Rollins and Paul Bley: 2013 and 2002.
Live Music's Charms, Soothing Premature Hearts
Day Dream & Talk Time.
Steve Coleman - alto saxophonist - is now giving away his music for free.
David Bowie's first CD in 10 years!
Roy Meet Sandy. Sandy Meet Roy.
As Music Streaming Grows, Royalties Slow to a Trickle
New York City's Winter Jazz Fest.
Vinson Valega Group - one night only!
R.I.P. Dave Brubeck.
Hurricane Sandy fell in love with my drums.
Music for Monkeys: Composing Species-specific Music.
When The Music's Over.
Quincy Jones - still THE MAN.
Vinson Valega Quartet at The 55 Bar TONIGHT!
Vinson Valega Quartet at The 55 Bar.
R.I.P. Colony Records.
R.I.P. Von Freeman.
A Requiem for Pianos.
The shrinking drum shops in New York City.
Where copyright law protecting composers meets the campaign trail.
Roger Waters and Pink Floyd: The Wall at Yankee Stadium.
Twins gig in Washington, DC.
Queens Jazz Overground Fundraiser.
Natasha Trethewey: New U.S. Poet Laureate.
R.I.P., King of DC Go-Go, Chuck Brown.
Stax Bassist, Duck Dunn: R.I.P.
Beastie Boys rapper passes away at 47.
Kanye or Jay-Z?
Did they just discover the oldest singer?
Earl Scruggs, Bluegrass Banjo Master: RIP
Roy Haynes turns 87 today!
Bjork was on Colbert plugging our CD, "Biophilia."
The Alan Lomax Global Jukebox Goes Digital.
Roy Haynes and Jack DeJohnette tap dancing circa Jan 2012.
Video of Twins gig in Washington, DC.
Vinson Valega Quintet at Twins Jazz Club, Washington, DC.
Ludwig von Beethoven takes a minute to thank the musicians who make his masterpieces possible.
Jazz Musicians in NYC (re)Start a Pension Push.
Vinson Valega Quartet at The 55 Bar tonight!
Still Wondering If Liszt Was Any Good.
Free MP3s from the latest 55 Bar gig!
"Consilience Awareness Concert Series: Kiva Meets Karlie!"
Free MP3 of "Monk's Dream" from a recent rehearsal.
Drummers are natural intellectuals.
The end of an era: Bennett Studio Closes.
Bluesman, David Honeyboy Edwards, dies at age 96.
Music is all about timing as it tickles the neurons.
Free MP3s of recent rehearsal in the studio.
Our eighth Consilience Awareness Concert: "Classical meets meets The Blues!"
Marathon Opera & Marathon Theater.
The Science of Song, the Song of Science: Bjork's Biophilia
Vinson Valega podcast on Page4Music.
Where Miles Davis meets Barack Obama.
Clarence Clemons: R.I.P.
The Last Jam Session.
Library of Congress debuts "National Jukebox."
'33 Revolutions Per Minute.
A Grammy Scar.
Celebrating "Jazz Appreciation Month" by paying the audience to show up.
We made the Top 30 Best Blogs for Jazz Students!
Joe Morello: R.I.P.
Biophilia was featured on Page4Music's recent podcast.
LICJA Jam Session Continues!
Second Consilience Awareness Concert Series begins tonight!
"Why I Hate the Grammys" by Slate's Bill Wyman
NPR givin' a little bit of lovin' to "Awake."
Herbie Hancock plays double handed with Lang Lang for the Obamas
MLK on Jazz.
Singing for Your Colonoscopy.
Keith Moon - described, explained, celebrated!
Still the Address of Down-Home Sounds: Arhoolie Records.
Freelance Musicians Hear Mournful Coda as the Jobs Dry Up.
Search & Restore NY jazz producer raises $75,000 through KickStarter.
Kumbaya: From uplifting spiritual to derisive politcal commentary.
Free MP3 - Vinson Valega Quartet Live at The 55 Bar, NYC.
Our latest release, Biophilia, appears on the 53rd Grammy Nominating Ballot!
New jam session every Tuesday in Long Island City.
Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit begins today in Washington, DC!
For Glenn Gould, Form Followed Fingers.
How much do musicians actually earn online?
Hearing Things.
Vinson Valega Sextet, Live@The 55 Bar, tonight, September 9th!
Jimmy Webb
Once-in-a-lifetime treasure trove of jazz recordings discovered.
Abbey Lincoln: R.I.P.
Ten new videos posted!
Vinson Valega Quartet, Live@The 55 Bar, Monday night, 8/2/10
Old-Time Mountain Music.
Great article on Consilience in the TimesLedger - Astoria, Queens
Consilience Awareness Concert Series - Part VI: "Clean Money, Clean Elections"
Two upcoming concerts with The Vinson Valega Quartet
New review of "Biophilia" in JazzTimes magazine.
Vinson Valega Quartet in Washington, DC
Consilience Awareness Concert Series - Part V: "Common Cause New York"
New, free MP3s available to download!
Lena Horne: RIP
Bernie Bierman: 101 Years Young!
CD Release Party! Vinson Valega Group at Smalls, this Saturday, May 1st!
Consilience Awareness Concert Series this Sunday has been canceled!
Volcanoes and Musicians
Vinson Valega Sextet, Live@The 55 Bar, tonight, April 15th!
Legendary Latin-Jazz Bassist, Andy Gonzalez, to speak about his life and the music every Saturday until May 8th in The Bronx
Andy Warhol: Jazz Illustrator
Consilience Awareness Concert Series - Part IV: "Sustainable Flatbush."
Vinson Valega Quartet, Live@The 55 Bar, tonight, March 15th!
Are some jazz writers Republicans?
Sonny Rollins interview in Vanity Fair.
CD Release Party at Small's postponed due to snow.
Consilience Awareness Concert Series - Part III: "The $10 Club"
Frank Sinatra, the Philippines, and karaoke murder...
Schumann, about Chopin, in 1831: "Hats off, gentleman. A genius!"
R.I.P. Ed Thigpen
Consilience Awareness Concert Series - Part II
The new CD is here!
Music Saves Mountains
First Consilience Awareness Concert Series!
A "spirited" drum solo.
Clifford Brown on The Soupy Sales Show.
The Taliban loves the Beatles.
Ask a jazz musician.
Quiz: Jay-Z is to Rush Limbaugh as Eminem is to ...?
The Baroness of Jazz.
Why Music?
R.I.P. Merce Cunningham
Record collectors gone wild!
Stevie sings to Michael.
Webcasters stay in business.
80 trombones at The Guggenheim?
The Renegade Cabaret
Nate Chinen, The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, and Just Cheese
Bring out your dead.
R.I.P. JVC Jazz Festival
Free MP3 - Sunset and The Mockingbird
Historic jazz loft recordings finally seeing the light of day.
International Women in Jazz Festival in New York City.
Did you know that musicians don't get paid when their performances are played on the radio?
Why Music Matters.
Paul Wittgenstein: Meet Maurice Ravel
Pat Metheny interview.
Come check out the band!
How Jazz Helped Hasten the Civil-Rights Movement.
Henry Hay meets George W. Bush
Gary Peacock. From Miles to acid and back.
Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman lip synch for Barack.
The end of stupid and the beginning of smart.
National Campaign to Hire Artists to Work in Schools.
Freddie Hubbard: R.I.P.
Elliott Carter at 100 Years Old.
Jazz Legends Invade New York Clubs
Hidden Trove of Jazz Tapes
Free MP3 - "Think of One"
Tony Reedus - R.I.P.
Free MP3 - "Naima"
Kids for Coltrane. Adults for Obama.
Free MP3 - "Follow Me"
More Free Vinson Valega MP3s from Amie Street.
A Moment of Silence.
Free MP3 - "Black Fire" & "This is What Democracy Sounds Like"
The Real Piano Man.
An Old Rocker Gets Digital
Playing Changes for Change.
Free MP3 - "Black Fire"
The end of an era.
The end of liner notes.
Johnny Griffin: RIP
Jamming and the brain.
When Ambassadors had Rhythm
Benefit for Ronnie Matthews at Sweet Rhythm.
Weekly MP3 (6/19/08): Vinson Valega Quartet - "The Trend is Your Friend"
Weekly MP3 (6/11/08): Vinson Valega Quartet - "Think of One"
A Musician Who Performs With a Scalpel
Poetry to the People!
Suzanne Vega's blog at the New York Times
Nina Simone: Protest Anthology
Weekly MP3 (4/7/08): Vinson Valega Quartet - "Day by Day"
Smooth Jazz: Gentle Into That Good Night?
Joshua Redman at The Village Vangaurd
Cachao Lopez, Master Bassist: R.I.P.
The new world sounds influencing jazz
This is your brain on jazz.
The great bassist, Dennis Irwin, has passed...
Bill Cosby on jazz drumming
Weekly MP3 (2/23/08): Vinson Valega Quartet - "Kathelin Gray"
Herbie Hancock wins Album of the Year
Freakonomics Forum on the Future of Music
R.I.P. Oscar Peterson
R.I.P. Frank Morgan
Radiohead "Pay-What-You-Want" model revisited
CD Release Party!!
Weekly MP3 (12/4/07): Vinson Valega Quartet - "Long & Wrong"
New self-tuning guitar
1. Find Drum. 2. Grab Stick. 3. Bang! Boom!
Banking CDs - in the key of music, that is...
Striking writers in Hollywood and Times Square
Roy Haynes transcription
Weekly MP3 (10/26/07): Vinson Valega Quartet - "This is What Democracy Sounds Like"
Is Justin Timberlake a Product of Cumulative Advantage?
Weekly MP3 (10/6/07): Vinson Valega Quartet - "Talk Time"
The Day Louis Armstrong Made Noise
Alzheimer's gettin' you down? Get some Gershwin!
Weekly MP3 (9/11/07): Ganz Brothers - "A Boot"
Rick Rubin: From The Beastie Boys to Johnny Cash
Sonny Rollins turned 77 = Previously unreleased gems!
Max Roach Memorial - video & mp3s
Charlie Parker festival (with tributes to Max Roach)
Max Roach: R.I.P.
Weekly MP3 (8/7/07): Live at The Garage, NYC - "Anthropology"
The Once and Future Prince
Uri Caine at The Village Vanguard
Debussy plays Debussy
Weekly MP3 (7/18/07): "Theme from Wonder Woman," by the Lee Metcalf Trio
Early Smut from the 19th Century
Weekly MP3 (7/8/07): Live at The Blue Note, NYC - "Ed Blackwell"
Live Earth! Live Music! Save the Planet!
New review of "Awake!"
Weekly MP3 (6/19/07): Live@147, NYC - "Lush Life"
Weekly MP3 (6/13/07): Live at Chris' Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia, PA - "Stumble Monk"
Jacko buys Eminem
CD Release Show in Philly!
Weekly MP3 (5/30/07): Live at DEKK, NYC - "Just in Time"
Weekly MP3 (5/20/07): Live at the 55 Bar, NYC - "The Trend is Your Friend"
Sex, Drugs and Updating Your Blog
The beginning of recorded music, by way of Thomas Edison.
How many jazz musicians do you think there are in New York City?
Requiem for Tonic Jazz Club, NYC (and the arrest of Marc Ribot).
Joshua Bell: Street Musician
Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Wynton Marsalis Trashes Hip-Hop
CD Sales Plummet 20% in first three months of '07
Amazon fills the Classical Recording Niche
Jazz and Art
2006 National Recording Registry announced at the Library of Congress
Brian Blade Fellowship at The Vanguard
Maxine Sullivan's Memorabalia Discovered in Attic
Joni Mitchell...Busy Beaver...
Major Record Labels to Offer Unrestricted Music Sales
Nora Jones: Revisited
Digital Music Sales Doubled in 2006
2006: A Year of Online Expression
Music at YearlyKos
International Association of Jazz Educators in NYC 2007
Rap Pioneers ain't feelin' the love...
La Scala "Soap" Opera Continues!
Big news at La Scala
Japanese musician plucks sound from lasers
Sonny Rollins Interview
All Rise for the National Anthem of Hip-Hop
John Legend
CBGB's Closes in NYC
Ornette Coleman interview in the New York Times
You Couldn't Give 'Em Away!
Dylan meets Brecht
If Mozart had had better healthcare...
New York Philharmonic's Percussionist searches for new sounds
Charlie Haden interviewed on Democracy Now!
The Music Genome Project at Pandora Media
Coltrane and Getz Together!
Out of print classical music
Great Salsa Label, Fania, is Back!
Playlist Politics
Clive Davis on Rap
Pulitzer Prize for Music gets the "Once-Over" by Fred Kaplan (and other musings about Monk).
Music Built with a Mouse and Toolbar
Playing The Market...
Roy Haynes interview in the NY Times
Andrew Hill Interview in the NY Times
New Jazz Venue
Sharon Louden write-up
Music for America
Recording Satellite Radio - illegal?
Spitzer going after labels for downloading price fixing
Cedar Walton Trio at The Village Vanguard
Sony CDs that are run on your PC install software on your computer!
Breaking Through the Species Barrier with Music
Shirley Horn
Jazz as Protest Music
Beauty in Music
There's 'Sis' and 'Bah,' but 'Boom' Is a Menace
Sonny Rollins interview in the NY Times
Green Day Vlog and Kanye West Re-mix
Hank Jones listens and talks about the music
Brian Blade Fellowship
Musical Hallucinations
Music Swapping via File Sharing is Now Officially illegal
Sheryl Bailey on Conquering The Fear...
Playing "Stairway to Heaven" Longer (time tested with piss)
Vinson Valega Trio performs at the Cape May Jazz Festival
Roy Haynes at 80
Vinson Valega Trio in Philadelphia - March 17th
Bill Mobley's Space Time Big Band
The Smith & Ray Show
Victor Lewis in NYC
"Concerts for Change" at Smoke Jazz Club.
Live Music Archive - Online
Mulgrew Miller at Smoke this weekend
See, Hear, Take-Home
San Francisco Gigs
..."a descending scream falling into a dull roar."
Concerts for Kerry
Chris Potter at The Vanguard
The Pizza Parlor Prodigy
New Harvard Biz School Study: Downloading has no affect on CD Sales
Invention for 500 Hands - last segment
Jeff "Tain" Watts
Ring Tones vs. Ring Tunes
Invention for 900 Hands
IAJE Conference in New York City
Do you deep-freeze your trumpet?
Bill Charlap
Guierllmo Klein Band
Attacking munchkins?
Big Bad Plus?

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