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Arctic ice continues to disappear at an increasing rate.
September 12, 2011 1:06 AM

Check out the graph below and try to claim that climate change is a myth:

The chart is from the National Ice & Snow Data Center, which also had this to say:

Arctic sea ice extent averaged for August 2011 reached the second lowest level for the month in the 1979 to 2011 satellite record. Both the Northwest Passage and the Northern Sea route appear to be open. Throughout August, sea ice extent tracked near the record lows of 2007, underscoring the continued decline in Arctic ice cover. Including 2011 the linear trend for August now stands at -9.3% per decade.

Sea ice is now almost completely gone from the channels of the Northwest Passage, with the exception of a small strip of ice across a stretch of the Parry Channel. The southern route (Amunden's Route) is ice free. According to the Canadian Ice Service, sea ice extent in the western Parry Channel is now the lowest at this time of year since record keeping began in 1966 and very little multi-year ice remains. According to Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent (MASIE) data, ice cover across the Canadian Archipelago is at record low levels.

The Northern Sea Route along Siberia remains ice-free, with a number of cargo ships passing through in recent weeks.

And here's the chart that shows how far from the median this year's ice melt has shrunk:

We are doomed.

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