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The Syrian Refugee Crises continues unabated.
September 18, 2015 1:01 PM

Today there are 15,000 refugees stranded on the border of Croatia:

At least 15,000 migrants found themselves all but trapped in Croatia on Friday, having been barred from Hungary, sent packing from Serbia and unable to move on to Slovenia.

The human exodus was peaceful but miserable. Along the roads of eastern Croatia, the migrants' detritus -- abandoned blankets, torn clothing, empty cans of tuna -- littered the highways.

Those who could afford to take a train, bus, van or taxi westward, toward the capital, Zagreb, or the border with Slovenia, did so; many others simply set out on foot.

The misery is just awful. And Hungary's racist actions should be condemned in the harshest terms by the rest of the world. Where's America's outrage?

On the side of a road outside the border town of Tovarnik, three young Iraqi men said they had spent two excruciating days there. "It was crowded, there was no food, no transport and nowhere to go," said one of them, Ibrahim Yusuf, 25, a construction worker from Baghdad, eating chocolate wafers in the shade of a walnut tree. He said he was considering returning to Iraq and asked a reporter for directions back to Belgrade, Serbia.

Confusion and desperation mounted for migrants as European leaders floundered on the crisis. The migrants have not only been trapped within borders. They were also caught in mass confusion, evidenced by heightening tensions among neighboring nations in a volatile region, incoherent national policies and the continuing failure of greater Europe to resolve the crisis.

How much longer will this go on?

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