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The death of our country encapsulated in Cohen's Hallelujah
This is an incredibly powerful endorsement of Hillary Clinton.
Obama's oratory skills at their finest.
Polls, polls, and more polls!
Brexit, uh-oh
Justice Scalia dies last month.
The Syrian Refugee Crises continues unabated.
President Obama's Eulogy in Charleston, SC
Victims relatives forgive the Charleston killer -- on video -- two days after his rampage.
Is bulk phone collecting really coming to an end?
Minnesota: First state in country to legislate healthier food choices.
Guantanamo Diary.
Arson attack at German paper that ran Charlie Hebdo cartoons.
Why Obama can't give the speech we want him to.
How Many People Really, Truly Believe That Abortion Is Murder?
Participant Index Seeks to Determine Why One Film Spurs Activism, While Others Falter
First openly gay football player drafted into NFL.
Here's one life Obamacare saved in a matter of days...literally.
Malaysian Flight 370 still missing.
Kiev protestors die in latest clash.
Edward Snowden speaks from Moscow.
R.I.P. Nelson Mandela
JFK: 50 years ago.
Turnkey Totalitarianism.
Obamacare works!
10 simple reasons for this stupid government shutdown.
Another shooting...another day without Gun Control Legislation.
Laura Poitras speaks out about terrorism and journalism.
Laura Poitras speaks out about terrorism and journalism.
Status and Stress.
President Obama Speaks on Trayvon Martin.
The Edward Snowden interview - before he left Hawaii.
The Edward Snowden interview.
The Secret War: Inside the NSA
Conservative journalists are mostly appallingly bad.
How many deaths in Moore, Oklahoma, could have been avoided?
It's official now: Texas is the Stupidest State in the Nation!
White House Correspondents' Dinner, 2013.
California's Dark-Money Investigation Is Making Conservatives Sweat
Ten year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.
Supreme Courtship
The "Move to Amend" constitutional amendment has been submitted!
Obamacare comes into full view on everyone's W-2 this year.
Barack Hussein Obama: Part II
Proper Fiscal Stewardship: Jerry Brown in California.
New online map of gun owners rankles some.
Horror in Connecticut.
Homeless man gifted a pair of boots by NYPD is barefoot again.
Obama Wins a Second Term!
Bloomberg Endorses Obama, Citing Climate Change.
The Myth of Painful Choices.
David Brooks on Mitt Romney: Thurston Howell Romney.
What the Bush White House Knew Leading Up to September 11, 2001.
Student Loans: How to avoid defaulting.
What ever became of George W. Bush?
Bahrain: A United States ally that is still repressing its people.
Paul Ryan: Mittens VP Pick.
Gabby Douglas: First African-American to win woman's all-around gymnastics at The Olympics, then NBC runs a monkey ad.
Voter ID laws are perverse, immoral, and downright heinous.
Where copyright law protecting composers meets the campaign trail.
Unelectable Atheists: U.S. States That Prohibit Godless Americans From Holding Office.
Happy Fourth of July, from Thomas Jefferson, Citizen Scientist!
Broccoli, The Supreme Court, and oral arguments.
The War on Woman: Middle East Style.
Occupy May Day is here!
President Obama seated in Rosa Parks Bus.
Newark Mayor, Cory Booker, for President - after saving burning woman!
Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, should be impeached for this.
The Healthcare Debate at SCOTUS.
Sex trafficking in the U.S.A.
OWS has returned with the warm weather.
It's Sunshine Week!
Last WWI war veteran out of tens of milions dies at 110 today.
Susan G. Komen Foundation Pulls Support For Planned Parenthood.
Occupy Wall Street is heating up on both coasts.
Mitt Romney's tax rate: 15%.
OWS Surges Back Into Zuccotti Park.
Time Magazine's Person of the Year: The Protester.
The Iraq War (finally) ends -- 2003-2011.
More police brutality against OWS demonstrators: Pepper Spray du jour.
It's official: The United (Police) States of America has arrived.
Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park cleared by NYPD.
Occupy Cal Berkeley: Watch police shove night sticks into ribs of woman.
Occupy (snowy) Wall Street is here.
Occupy Wall Street keeps growing...and growing...and growing....
Occupy Wall Street resistance movement has begun.
What happened to Obama?
September 11th, 2001-2011
A Bipartisan Attack on Democracy.
The riot coming soon to a neighborhood near you.
S&P Downgrades U.S. debt because Republicans refuse to raise taxes.
Barack Obama: The Democrats' Richard Nixon?
The U.S. has already passed the debt ceiling deadline.
Fourth of July: Nine Myths Debunked.
New York passes Marriage Equality!
The buying of Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas
Berlusconi Gets Slapped by Italy's Voters.
Memorial Day 2011: Total casualties in Iraq & Afghanistan Wars.
Osama bin Laden is dead: How did he communicate with the outside world?
Paternity Test: Franklin vs. Jefferson.
Paul Ryan gets booed by his constituents.
The battle for Libya continues.
Obama Unplugged.
Imagining a Liberal U.S. Supreme Court.
The Human Cost of Budget Cutting.
Global Voices Online.
Malalai Joya, acclaimed Afghan Woman's Rights Activist, denied visa to enter U.S.
How Obama turned on a dime toward war.
Please help the victims of the massive tsunami in Japan.
Saudi protesters shot in Qatif.
Al Jazeera English airs an in-depth analysis of Saudi Arabia and the uprising.
Video of protests in Saudi Arabia.
Is Saudi Arabia next?
Ben Wedeman of CNN enters Libya.
The Revolution is spreading: Libya, Algeria, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Iran, and now Kuwait.
De-classified Rumsfeld papers show how the Bush administration lied to the American people.
Curveball: How US was duped by Iraqi fantasist looking to topple Saddam
Egypt is Free! January 25th Revolution Succeeds!
The Egyptian Revolution Unfolds: Arab World Faces Its Uncertain Future.
Wikileaks help overthrow despots in Arabia.
The Revolution Will Be Tweeted!
Martin Luther King Day and his Drum Major Instinct speech.
Assassination attempt of a Democrat in Arizona.
Filibuster Reform starts on January 5, 2011.
Senate Ends Military Ban on Gays Serving Openly.
Citizen's Handbook to Influencing Elected Officials.
Daisy Khan, an Eloquent Face of Islam.
Obama caves.
Wikileaks dumps 250,000 confidential American diplomatic cables.
Is Islam a Religion of Peace?
Don't forget to vote today!
The Beats & The Tea Party.
Obamacare Passes Its First Test.
Why is health care so expensive?
Health care reform begins today.
Do Americans realize that Obama has lowered their taxes?
Yup, he sure sounds like a terrorist.
The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has graded Obama's stimulus package.
Jon Stewart on the "Mosque-Erade"
How much has the U.S. spent on wars since our first revolution?
Top Secret America & The Kabul War Diary.
Kagan: "I'm Not A Socialist And Can't Remember All The Dumb Memos I Wrote"
Slow love and marriage.
July 4th Weekend Citizen Action Events.
Longest tennis match in history.
Death by firing The United States of America.
First Sarah Palin Post: Obama should have called the Dutch to stop the Gulf oil gusher!
Keeping Politics Safe for the Rich.
Mosque near Ground Zero causes Tea Party heads to explode.
CBO: Stimulus Put Up To 2.8M People To Work In First Quarter.
Take Justice Off the Ballot.
President Obama on Consilience.
First Hung Parliament in the United Kingdom since 1974.
Gordon Brown, U.K. Prime Minister, calls his contituent a bigot.
Ukraine Passes Deal Under Hail of Eggs.
The Supreme Court and Animal Cruelty.
Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor, has a new website!
Collateral Murder
74% of Americans DID NOT contact their Senator or Congressperson during the recent Health Care debate.
Our Founding Father's Socialize Health Care System
Summary of what's in the new health care reform pacakge.
Health Care Refiorn Passes!!
Disturbing video of health care protests screaming at a man with Parkinson's.
Americans Less Sure About Scientists' Beliefs.
The end game for the health care debate has finally arrived.
The New Poor: "There are no bad jobs now. Any job is a good job."
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of CA to Screw Customers in May Instead of March
A Buck for Your Vote, Sir?
Please help Haiti.
Who's getting their hands on all of our oil under Iraq?
Cost control in the health care bill.
Two former Bush Administration Justice Dept. officials weigh in on the 9/11 terrorist trial to be held in NYC.
Republicans have no interest in governing.
Music as a torture weapon: R.E.M., Nine Inch Nails, and Britney Spears.
Grab a Mop!
Nobel Committee member explains the choice of Obama
Michelle Obama's ancestry traced directly back to slavery.
Thank God for our F.B.I.
The September 11th Digital Archive.
Joe Wilson's Dirty Health-Care Secret.
Four days as a hostage with the Taliban in Afghanistan
"No more Mr. Nice-Guy, Mr. President."
Why it's so difficult to pass health care reform.
The Real Barack Obama
Health Care Reform and You
Max Baucus from Montana on health care reform: sellout or savvy centrist?
Do Americans really want health care reform?
World War 1 veteran - and world's oldes man - dies.
Sarah's Saga
From Marvin Gaye: Happy Fourth of July, America!
Break the Blackout! (in Iran)
Marg bar Dictator! ("Death to the Dictator!)
Did Ahmadinejad win the Iranian election fair and square?
The Iranian Revolution: 2009 (more video)
The Revolution Will Be Twittered.
Plain, Honest Men.
Chief Justice Roberts smile isn't so cheery afterall.
Conservative commentator waterboarded (video)
Jack Kemp: R.I.P.
Was torture used to seek an Iraq-al Qaida link?
Torture Retorts.
From SNL to the USS.
36 cents a day for health benefits.
10 things you should know about Obama's budget plan (but probably don't).
Democracy: Meet Google...then duck...
Wanted: Personal Economic Trainers. Apply at Capitol. Washington, D.C.
Two Miracles of 2009 (so far).
The End of Bush.
Zbig Smacks Down Mornin' Joe
Bush almost hit by shoe in Iraq.
The Real Bill Ayers
The Underside of the Welcome Mat at The White House
Obama's weekly YouTube appearence.
West Philadelphia after Obama's Victory.
Myths and tall tales from the 2008 election.
Hacking our Democracy, 2008.
Charles Meets Barack.
Stock Market Crash Silences Right-wing 527's.
The Credit Crises: A Very Personal Story.
Run our Obama ads on cable througout the U.S.
E-Voting machines tampered with in New Mexico?
Many swing states blocking voters right to vote.
More Palin Pain.
Angry John McCain.
Post Debate #1 Analysis.
The Ultimate Sarah Palin.
How the Credit Crises is affecting the Presidential race.
Bills passed in the Senate: Obama vs. McCain
Palin, as Mayor of Wasilla, forced rape victims to pay for their own forensic tests.
Palin testafyin' in her church...
The Best Way to Choose a VP.
Amy Goodman, from DemocracyNow!, arrested at the RNC
The Palin Pick: Surreal and Scary
Inside Iraq: The militia that won't go away.
Bush says McCain was not tortured in Vietnam.
Imagination is more important than knowledge: The Greatest Olympian of All Time!!
Olympic Hubris
John McCain links the anthrax attacks to Iraq
The Painful Images of War
Torture, U.S. style...
White House uses private media for its propaganda.
Iranian dissident's harrowing tale.
More McCain pain...
How the new FISA law will affect all of us.
FISA Capitulation
Obama's plane scare.
Want to cringe?
U.S. Military Hoped for Virtually Unlimited Freedom of Action in Iraq
FISA bill passes the U.S. House of Representatives.
McCain's First Wife.
Why Hillary didn't concede to Barack...
Bush insider re-confirms the existance of the Iraq war propaganda machine.
Sports subsidies: A New York Yankees Case Study
Obama is Strong.
Obama rises from political obscurity to verge of history.
Why Barack Obama chose Reverend Wright's church.
63% of Americans still think Iraq war a mistake.
The Pentagon's massive Iraq war propaganda machine.
Your Modern Republican Party
Dr. Martin Luther King assasinated 40 years ago.
Brzezinski on withdraw from Iraq
Obama's historic speech...resonating now and into the future.
Pentagon finds no link between al Qaeda & Saddam Hussein...then tries to hide the report.
Bush cements legacy: The U.S. Officially Tortures
Iran and Iraq are buddy/buddies
Saudi men arrested for flirting...yes, flirting.
Barbara Ehrenreich on Obama
Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning
Super Tuesday
Bush's Lies...over and over and over and over....
Experience and the Race to the White House
Benazir Bhutto...R.I.P.
Big Media Consolidation, Part II
Did an Iranian Spy Clear Tehran of Nuclear Ambitions?
The (angry) Republican Base
Condi Rice: Secretary of State?
Barack Obama and Foreign Policy
How did that American oil get under Iraq?
US diplomats refuse Iraq postings
11 Anti-war protests across America this weekend!
Catastrophic Failure in Iraq
Connecting the Dots in American Politics
Reporting While Black
Ground Zero and the World Financial Center
Why do we vote on Tuesdays?
Republican Party in the Red
Why can't the main stream press call a filibuster by its real name?
September 11th: Is there another one coming?
Who Disbanded the Iraqi Army?
Slimed in The Green Zone
New site to check politcal facts -
Big Brother is watching you (if you have brown skin)
Bush: Executive power trumps Congressional oversite
Foreign Policy beyond Iraq
Did lower taxes kill those motorists traveling on the collapsed Minneapolis bridge?
The first George.
When will Gonzo go?
Saudis' role in Iraq insurgency outlined
Former Surgeon General, Richard Carmona: "The Bush White House Controlled Me."
CNN vs. BBC: How the mainstream media in the US stokes our fears.
Bloomberg for an Independent?
Difficult Democracy in Iraq
The U.S. torture policy equals Communist Russia's & Nazi Germany's
The U.S. Military trains Iraqi policemen who then kill U.S. soldiers
Honest dialogue about the war.
Cheney's Staff Engaged in Insubordination Against President Bush
The British View on Iraq: "War-torn Iraq facing collapse"
One woman's effort to deal with her son in Iraq
Digitizing History
The beginning of the end of the Electoral College?
The White House War Czar
The Fraud of Voter Fraud
Iraqi bloggers record life of fear...
Presidential authority to arrest U.S. Citizens without review
Unable to prosecute terrorists because they've been tortured.
Why the firing of U.S. Prosecutors is such a big deal
The FBI's National Security Gag Order - by one who received one
Buh-buh, Gonzales
In terrorism fight, diplomacy gets shortchanged
How Partisan is the Gonzales Justice Department?
Bush: The Most Secretive of all Presidents
Then and Now (2003 vs. 2007)
Frank Rich Unmasks Bush Yet Again
Only 5,000 Troops in Iraq by December 2006
How the Bush Administration is sidestepping Congressional Inquiries
U.S. sent giant pallets of cash to Iraq...$4 BILLION worth of cash
More Diebold Incompetence
Bush's interview with Jim Lehrer
Hidden Provision in the Patriot Act allows Bush to appoint U.S. Attornies without Senate Confirmation
Syria in secret talks with Israel
Failed Republican Revolution
NYC Subway Hero Saves Teenager
More on Saddam's final moments
Saddam Executed
Israeli Prime Minister admits to having nukes
Fixing Education
Republican Senator Hagel is finished with Iraq
e-Voting machine fiasco in Florida - AGAIN!
Two individuals in Florida CAN make a difference...
"Six for '06"
Electronic Voting
A Veteran's Day Memorial from
Republican Party in 2006: The Party of Magic
Congress tells auditor in Iraq to close office...
Ruining America, by Joe Galloway
Same-Sex Marriage in New Jersey
Video from Iraq
More Diebold Deviant Behavior
Bush's approval rating sinks to 34 percent (NY Times)
al-Qaeda wants us to stay in Iraq
The "Lily Pad" Theory in regard to our "War on Terror"
One last 9/11 commentary
9/11 Republican Partisan Advantage
Whatever Happened to the America of 9/12?
Sistani has thrown in the towel with regard to a peaceful outcome in Iraq
Lie by Lie
Bringing down a 747 - Terrorist-style
White House
A New Enemy Gains on The U.S.
100 Civilians Killed Daily in Iraq
When to Publish a Secret (by the NY Times)
Creeping Fascism in the United States of America
The Conservative Movement's Utter Failure
What it's like to fly over Baghdad
The U.S. Tortures
Diebold Voting Machines Revisited
Bush Was The Leaker!
Negroponte hard at work
California Certifies Diebold e-voting Machines?
Permanent U.S. Military Bases in Iraq
Posada, the terrorist, is being protected by the Bush Administration
Martin Luther King Speech Opposing the Vietnam War
Is Abramoff Still Bribing the White House?
Diebold Voting Machines Hacked in Florida
Bush, the CIA, and Executive Power since 9/11
Bush's Poisonous Tree
Bush tried to kill the NY Times NSA scandal story
Rockefeller responds to Bush's NSA crisis
Manipulating Intelligence
Iraqi WMD synopsis
Alito conflict of interest?
Most Activist Supreme Court Judges
(Sc)Alito's nomination to replace O'Connor
Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff, Wilkerson, speaks out
Bush v. Kerry 2004, revisited
Pakistan Earthquake Aid
Do French Fries Cause Cancer?
George Bush's Bubble
What are we doing here?
Northcom and Katrina
Army Corp of Engineers knew the levy had broken on MONDAY morning
Criminal Negligence and Katrina?
Bush spin/lie machine hard at work after Katrina
Is Bush to blame for New Orleans flooding?
New Orleans is a casualty of the war in Iraq
New Orleans Disaster
Was Atta Identified Before 9/11?
Iraq: Administration Is Shedding 'Unreality' That Dominated Invasion, Official Says
GOP talking points attempt to discredit Joe Wilson
Sandra Day O'Connor Resigns
Fox Stops Counting Dead American Soldiers
Bush and Saudi Arabia and Iraq
Darwin, Birth Control, and The Pledge of Allegiance
Frist Set to Use Religious Stage on Judicial Issue
John Bolton as Ambassador to UN?
James Madison Online
Free Speech? Not at Bush's Privatizing-Social-Security-Events
Christopher Hitchens takes on Joe Scarborough
Jon Stewart takes on White House fake news
Secret US plans for Iraqi Oil
Halliburton rips off the American taxpayer - again...
Riggs Bank of D.C. and Pinochet circa 2002
Remember the 9/11 hearings?
The Conservative Media Shows Its Muscle.
Current Senate Filibuster Rules: And How The Republicans Have Changed Them Since 2000
Bush's Real Domestic Policy Goals
New Torture Documents
The United States vs. Babylon
Why has Justice Thomas at the Supreme Court accepted over $42,000 in gifts over the past 5 years?
50,000 people have perished in the tsunami and Bush is where?
Chavez Coup in '02 was clearly known beforehand by the Bush Administration
Lowest Divorce Rate in the Nation?
The South Has Risen Again?
Democracy sold to the highest (Republican) bidder
Post Election Truth:
al Qaqaa pictures
Wondering where to vote?
Bush avoids Zarqawi: 2002
Do Conservatives really know Bush's positions on matters?
The merger of the Education Dept. with Homeland Security?
The End of The Bush Bounce
Swift Boat Garbage
Books on Iraq
Moore vs. O'Reilly
Securing Electronic Voting
Gambling on Voting
Is this Chalabi affair Bush's Iran/Contra?
Our civil rights in the post 9/11 era
Wolfowitz and war deaths (in Iraq)
Is the Republican National Committee running the Treasury Dept?
Bush and his "vacations."
Has something changed in Iraq?
"It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."
Dick Clark
Bring it back to 9/11
Bin-Laden wins the Spanish Election? Ridiculous!
More Government Censorship
Howard Dean: "I don't care about being President."
$4 million for more bogus Iraq Intel?
Nader's In
The Iraq "Fix" is in...
Exploding Cigars
Legitimacy and Power in Iraq (or lack thereof)
"A Blind Man In a Room Full of Deaf People"
Musharraf almost blown to bits.
How difficult will democracy be in Iraq?
US Administration: "There are no WMDs"
Unsettling Account of the Iraqi Insurgency
Paul Krugman takes his gloves off.
Cotton Subsidies
George Soros has arrived.
Free speech?
Iraqi casualties from the war
9/11 commission and stonewalling by the White House
Mushroom Clouds?
Adults - where, oh where, did they all go?
The U.S. supports Democracy, right?
A Land Ruled by Chaos
What ever happened to Edison Schools?
The Iraq Money Grab
Are we already deep in the red doo-doo?

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